Seiun classic


Blue cloud

Fresh and balsamic aroma of sandalwood.

Made in Japan

Tokusen Sakura Usuzumi


A breath of eternity

'Usuzumi no Sakura', the gray flower cherry tree, is a giant cherry tree and very old that lives in the mountains of Gifu. It is said that it was planted by Emperor Keitai 1500 years ago and, every spring, blooms as a miracle of life.

This incense has a sensual perfume of cherry blossom with sandalwood and Japanese cypress oil that generates a sense of calm and serenity. Contemplating the beauty of 'Sakura no Usuzumi' is like a breath of eternity. Incense with little smoke.

Aroma also available in 470 bar barrels

Encens Zuiun aloe especial (kyara)


Cloud of Good Fortune

This strong character incense is made with a rich and complex mixture of softened agar wood with sandalwood, benzoin and a balsamic touch.

Made in Japan

Encens Mainichiko Viva 40


Incense based on sandalwood purifier with a note of fresh pine that transmits cleanliness and energy.

Made in Japan

Koh do Fortuna

Koh do Fortuna


Soft and velvety floral fragrance of bergamot, oak moss and geranium with a warm eastern note. Ideal to burn at sunrise. Prosperity and vitality.

Koh Do Sakura


Very popular aroma in Japan that celebrates spring with the flowering of cherry trees (sakura). It symbolizes regeneration and is ideal to welcome your visits.

Welcome and share.

Kho do Byakudan, Sàndal blanc


Su fragancia tiene la virtud de relajar el cuerpo y serenar la mente. Úsalo para concentrarte o meditar. Al retirarte a dormir puede facilitar el sueño. Calma y descanso.

Encens Koh Do Canyella


Rich and warm aroma of cinnamon and star anise with a touch of borneol.

Inspiration and creativity.

Koh Do Haiku


This unic, exquisite and serene aloe wood aroma is very good for meditation, introspection, writing ... Reflection and recollection.

koh do Dojo


Woody scent of sandalwood and cypress with floral touches of cherry blossom, lily, jasmine and rose in a perfect blend. Contemplation and effort, incense with little smoke.

Koh do Samurai


Koh Do Samurai is a wise mixture of sandalwood with cinnamon, clove, borneol, star anise and other medicinal herbs. He is greatly appreciated for zen meditation because he generates mental clarity. Manufactured by the Baieido company in Japan, it contains natural ingredients of the highest quality. The story goes back to 1657 when Kakuemon Yamatoya opened a wholesale store of medicinal herbs and aromatic woods in Sakai. Since then Baieido continues to manufacture incense with its traditional formulas that are transmitted in secret from generation to generation.

Koh do Hinoki


Fresh, dry and invigorating aroma with a touch of olive tree that stimulates thinking and clarifies the mind. Concentration and decision.

Encens Kalachakra


Barritas de incienso tibetano tradicional puro, hechas a mano con hierbas medicinales según una mezcla preciosa de sustancias perfumadas que lo convierte en un incienso de calidad superior. No contiene alcanfor ni productos tóxicos. Habitualmente el incienso tibetano se utiliza durante las ofrendas y para la purificación, pero también para renovar y limpiar el ambiente con su agradable aroma.

Kho do Asagao


Incienso japonés de fresco aroma. Como el aroma creado por la sacerdotisa Asagao, este incienso es penetrante y suave, se dice que su aroma floral aleja la tristeza y calma el ánimo.

Incienso sin humo
cantidad: 20 barras
Durada: 30 minutos (Aprox)