Feng Shui Cristal

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According to feng shui, faceted glass balls condense and redistribute the excess yang by transmuting it into beneficial energy.
When the sun sets, the crystals create beautiful rainbows that give energy and joy to your space.


Made in: EU
Technical characteristics:
Crystal tupi ball Ø4 cm quality K9, silicone coated steel cable. Total length 74 cm. With organza bag and suction cup.

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Encens Koh Do Aqua Gonesh Encens Kho Do Zen Encens Koh Do Shiraume prunera blanca

Made in the USA since 1923.

Gonesh is one of the most popular incenses in the USA.

20 bamboo rods per box.

Scent of Kalimantan aloe wood slightly spicy. Deep, it generates serenity, recollection and awareness and is very suitable for practicing meditation.

Introspection and stillness.

Fully floral, warm and romantic aroma. In Japan it symbolizes regeneration, eternity and rebirth.

Love and affection

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