Filter Pack Adult, Pack de 30 filters

BUFF® filter pack. 30 units. Adult.

Replacement filter pack for BUFF® Filter Mask: Highly breathable to ensure your comfort throughout the day.

3-layer filters, with 98% bacterial filtration efficiency and waterproof properties.

Non-reusable filters, maximum recommended use of 24 hours.

No adhesives, latex or fiberglass.

Design: Solid color.
Size: adults.

VAT included
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  • 98% bacterial filtration. The filters meet the standards for surgical masks.
  • Filters valid for the BUFF® Filter Mask.
  • Stylish design, guaranteed comfort.

Pack of 30 units.
Filters meet EN14683: 2019 surgical mask standards, Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (EFB), and Type I and II Differential Pressure (Air Permeability).
Packaged in an isolated and sanitized room.
Filters made in Germany by Ahlstrom-Munjskö.

Antibacterial efficacy 98%
Three-layer filters. 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (EFB) and high air permeability. Manufactured in Germany for specific use with BUFF® Filter Masks, these single-use filters do not contain glue or latex.

UNITED AGAINST COVID-19. Global alliance with UNICEF:
We donate 2% of our profits to contribute to projects against COVID-19 and its consequences on children and societies in the most vulnerable countries.

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Recycled Coolnet UV+ fabric: 95%

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