La lectura com a pregària

Fragmentos filosóficos I

Autor: Joan-Carles Mèlich

Editorial: Fragmenta Editorial

Páginas: 128

ISBN: 978-84-15518-12-9

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«I like to read passionately, and that my reading is not captured by a pedagogy, by rules, by moral, political, legal or religious norms. I like to read unfaithfully, to move from text to notebook, from orthodoxy to heterodoxy, from repetition to interpretation, from meaning to meaning. For me, reading is a trade and a ritual. »

The philosopher Joan-Carles Mèlich brings together in this book a total of 262 "philosophical fragments" from his notebooks. It is a reflection on reading, writing, the distinction between moral and ethical, meaning, God, hell, compassion, intimacy, finitude, desire, forgiveness, victims, death ... , in a genre that avoids categories and opts for scenes, images, metaphors. Mèlich offers us, in short, "a fragmentary, open, unsystematic thought, contrary to metaphysical logic."

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