La luz del Yoga

The Yoga light of the famous B.K.S. Iyengar is a compendium book of great interest for Yoga students and practitioners. The book is composed of the 57 key asana of Hatha-Yoga, in addition to a pranayama summary.

Profusely illustrated with photographs carefully placed next to the text, The light of Yoga allows the student to practice the different postures without the express help of a teacher. As Yehudi Menuhin writes in the prologue, The Light of Yoga is a new and brief edition that will provide the basic art of Yoga to a very high audience and for superior practice.

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The light of Yoga is, in short, a concise book of great clarity. An eminently didactic book that includes:

- An introduction to the philosophy and practice of Yoga.

- Detailed description of 57 basic positions.

- Techniques to calm the mind through breathing exercises.

- A progressive 35-week course from the most basic level to an intermediate level.

-A complete glossary of Yoga terms.

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La Luz Del Yoga

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