Vivir el cuerpo de la realidad

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Author: Vicente Gallego

These pages are of an unusual lucidity and beauty. In a very pleasant volume, the renowned poet and essayist Vicente Gallego weaves several books at once: a brief treatise on epistemology; a song of unity with nature; a deep reflection on the scope and function of language, which does not hesitate to point out radical humor as a means of liberation; the notebook of a lonely walker who travels the paths of the mountain; all with the purpose of carrying out a guided process of introspection that the reader will face with himself.


The central proposal of this text is a contact with reality as it is here and now in each one of us, lightened of our imaginations. And it will be the flesh, that great stranger whose ontological denial has wielded many of the great wisdom traditions, which will be revealed as pure lucidity and fullness along a path whose vehicle is the embrace, those three scopes of the sincere embrace in which Living the body of reality proposes us to intern.

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