La experiencia contemplativa

What do we mean when we talk about contemplative experience? Can we define it or can we only approach it from the limits and paradoxes of language? Do we know how to distinguish between contemplation and meditation? Is it the experience of Unity that opens us to wonder, revealing and revealing the legacy of the sources of wisdom?

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This book is an invitation to embrace diversity from which to approach these and other questions. Because, beyond experience, whether induced or spontaneous, its conscious cultivation leads us to the contemplative dimension of the human being; be fully from an ethical and spiritual commitment.

Eleven experts invite us to delve into these issues, with rigor and passion, from the richness of the multiplicity of languages ​​and experiences. His texts will bring us closer to the cross-cultural spiritual legacy through three ways of deep and essentially human knowledge: mysticism, philosophy and art.

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La experiencia contemplativa

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