Diccionario del Yoga

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Many yoga practitioners have ever wondered what the literal translation of a posture’s name is, how to pronounce it correctly or what we are saying when reciting a mantra. This practical dictionary aims to ensure the correct use of the Sanskrit language in the field of yoga and is aimed primarily at practitioners and teachers of any school, without previous knowledge of Sanskrit.


It includes the Sanskrit terms most commonly used in daily yoga classes: the names of the postures (asana) and other Hatha-yoga techniques (prāṇāyāma, mudrā, Bandha and kriyā), fundamental philosophical concepts, a didactic translation of the Yogasūtra of Patañjali, some mantras, as well as a brief history of yoga that allows to contextualize the use of all the terminology.
This lexicon does not follow the format of a traditional dictionary, but a reference manual, manageable, visual and practical. The Sanskrit terms are offered analyzed, translated, commented and accompanied by illustrative images and audios with their correct pronunciation. It can be used for individual study or as a didactic resource in yoga teacher training courses.
All the audios, with the voice of Kausthub Desikachar, can be downloaded from the web of the publisher:

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Diccionario del Yoga

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