El gran libro de la cocina vegana francesa

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Vegan cuisine has a wealth and creativity like no other. The numerous and renowned chefs who make it evolve around the world show it to us every day. The vegetable is even "the" trend of traditional cuisine in recent years.


"Vegan." A word almost unknown until a few years ago.Today we can find it daily in newspapers, magazines, television and radio programs or on the labels of some food products. The vegan lifestyle, "veganism," presented as a new trend or as an extremism, is increasingly being introduced into our daily lives. Although it continues to be a philosophy of life unknown to many. And, unfortunately, the same thing happens with vegan cuisine. Insipid for some, full of unnatural ingredients and "fake" food for others, not very nutritious, nothing appetizing: false topics abound. Nothing is further from reality!

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La experiencia contemplativa Nacimiento, vida y muerte Vedânta Advaita Vivir bien con el dolor y la enfermedad

What do we mean when we talk about contemplative experience? Can we define it or can we only approach it from the limits and paradoxes of language? Do we know how to distinguish between contemplation and meditation? Is it the experience of Unity that opens us to wonder, revealing and revealing the legacy of the sources of wisdom?

  • Autor: Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

  • Editorial: Editorial Kairós

  • Páginas: 252

  • ISBN: 9788499881843

  • Autor: Arvind Sharma

  • Editorial: Editorial Kairós

  • Páginas: 176

  • ISBN: 9788599882277

  • Autor: Vidyamala  Burch

  • Editorial: Editorial Kairós

  • Páginas: 352

  • ISBN: 9788499883731

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