Cocina tradicional italiana vegana

In TRADITIONAL ITALIAN VEGAN KITCHEN, chef Natale Russo presents the most genuine dishes of traditional Italian cuisine, adapted to vegan cuisine, with thoroughness and professionalism. A series of wonderful recipes from different regions of Italy, through which this universal Neapolitan invites us to experiment until we get a vegan result without losing an iota of the original recipe. A true sensory journey that will surprise readers.

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The author's idea is that all the ingredients of his recipes can be bought in neighborhood stores. In the vegan world there is this limit, because many recipes require ingredients that unfortunately have to travel many kilometers to reach our homes. Cashews generally come from Iran, quinoa, from Peru, and algae, from China; Proximity foods have very little. What the author tries is to look for them in neighborhood shops, make their crops at home, etc.
In this book you can find your favorite recipes, those that come from the Italian culinary tradition, divided as if it were the menu of a restaurant or a typical tavern. He has played with the vegetable ingredients to get closer to the taste of the original recipes.

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Cocina italiana

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