This new yoga game promotes postural values and habits often forgotten. It consists of 27 letters with a very accurate presentation. 20 cards are yoga positions related to animals or elements of nature, where, behind each one, we can find three sections: "How do we do it", "How our body helps" and "How our humor helps". 4 letters are breathing, where the back also explains "How do we do it" and "How our mood helps".

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Two rules of play are proposed, one of memory where the positions are practiced and the other, more creative and in group, the children have to invent and represent a story with each and every one of the letters that have touched them. To complete the game of yoga there are two letters that tell two stories, which give us two important lessons for life: "The way of the source", describes the need to estimate and value one same and "The story of happiness" that shows us where we have to look to find happiness.

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