Golden Ghee - Clarified Eco Butter

The Gold of Ayurveda. Purified and healthy oil, which does not need refrigeration

· Universal use
· Suitable for lactose intolerant
· Without trans fatty acids
· Does not raise cholesterol levels
· 300 grs per boat

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Ghee is an ayurvedic product that has been used in Ayurvedic cooking and medicine for thousands of years for the preparation of delicious recipes, as a base for herbal infusions, ointment, massage mixtures, etc.

In Golden Ghee the butter is cooked through a slow 48-hour process accompanied by music therapy through the sound of the Gong, during which impurities, carbohydrates, proteins, casein, lactose and water are eliminated, leaving only pure fat or oil. Ghee does not contain trans fatty acids, it is made from natural organic milk and does not raise cholesterol levels.

Ghee is clarified butter, the most versatile and imperishable oil, which does not need refrigeration. The use of Ghee is very broad, both for cooking, sautéing vegetables, add to a rice, spread on toast or with your favorite dish. As well as for body care and much more!

Its golden yellow color, pleasant aroma, universal use, exceptional flavor, nutritional value, together with the revitalization and the maintenance of the optimal functions of the body make Golden Ghee an indispensable ingredient in Ayurveda cooking, traditional and professional quality.

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Golden Ghee


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