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MeGhee - Clarified Goat Butter

Artisan Ayurveda Product. Purified and healthy oil, which does not need refrigeration

· Universal use
· Suitable for lactose intolerant
· Without trans fatty acids
· Does not raise cholesterol levels
· 300 grs per boat

VAT included
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MeGhee is 100% clarified goat butter, used for culinary and / or therapeutic uses. Looking back at history, we find that goat butter was prized as an extraordinary food in ancient Egypt, where it was placed on the tombs of the pharaohs along with other valuables. Its uniqueness was also known by many European ladies, who used it to preserve the beauty of their skin.

Goats include in their diet shoots of trees, shrubs and various types of herbs, resulting in an intake of up to 15% more species of different plants compared to other grazing animals. Due to its diet, based on a wide range of fibers, it makes the droplets of fat in goat milk very small, more dispersed and therefore easier to digest. This characteristic makes goat products especially recommended for children and the elderly. It should be mentioned that, compared to other types of milk, the goat is considered the most similar to breast milk, so it used to be given to babies when their mothers did not have their own milk.

According to our unique recipe, goat butter is cooked for 48 hours or more, eliminating carbohydrates, proteins and water, turning it into an almost imperishable oil with an exceptional flavor and aroma. MeGhee in comparison with other fats, contains even better fatty acids and is free of lactose, casein and impurities, making it an ideal alternative to other fats.

MeGhee has a high smoke point, which makes it excellent for sautéing, frying or cooking all kinds of dishes, and at the same time softens the flavor when added to a prepared meal. Even the desserts made with our clarified butter become more creamy and sophisticated!

It is a natural food that has an anti-aging effect, maintains the vitality of the body and strengthens the immune system. It is also useful for direct application on the skin or as an ingredient in skin care products.

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