Koh Do Haiku

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This unic, exquisite and serene aloe wood aroma is very good for meditation, introspection, writing ... Reflection and recollection.


Aloe wood is one of the most pleasant fragrances, not only of perfumes, but of anything that has an aroma. For years, even centuries, this wood lies dormant in silent communion with the earth to create a mysterious, exquisite and mystical aroma. Among the woods of aloe (also called agar), Kyara is the most appreciated, "high in refinement and grace, like a noble in court." Its rarity gives it immense value. This 'everyday incense' has a refined timeless fragrance. We hope you enjoy it.

In the Muromachi era (XV century) burning incense became an art: Koh Do, the path of incense or the art of incense. It is a ceremony in which fragrances are enjoyed and sensitivity is cultivated. It is an aesthetic and spiritual experience, an excursion of the soul through a world of elegant simplicity in accordance with the spirit of Zen.

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Kho do Asagao Kho do Byakudan, Sàndal blanc Encens Kho Do Zen Encens Koh Do Aqua

Incienso japonés de fresco aroma. Como el aroma creado por la sacerdotisa Asagao, este incienso es penetrante y suave, se dice que su aroma floral aleja la tristeza y calma el ánimo.

Incienso sin humo
cantidad: 20 barras
Durada: 30 minutos (Aprox)

Su fragancia tiene la virtud de relajar el cuerpo y serenar la mente. Úsalo para concentrarte o meditar. Al retirarte a dormir puede facilitar el sueño. Calma y descanso.

Scent of Kalimantan aloe wood slightly spicy. Deep, it generates serenity, recollection and awareness and is very suitable for practicing meditation.

Introspection and stillness.

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