Malaspirit Meditation

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The Meditation Mala necklace is perfect to count the mantras during your meditation, because it has a very good Rudraksha's size, 108 beads of 10 mm each, hand-knotted and a Guru account at the 'end', on top of a red pompom.

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Mala d'os blanc Mala de sàndal Malaspirit Holy Mala

Mala in Sanskrit means garland and originated in India.

For Tibetans, yak bone represents purity, strength and courage. So the bone malas are used to tame negative and painful energies. The color white is associated with the deity Chenrezig, the Buddha of compassion whose benevolent gaze protects us.

Mala in Sanskrit means garland and originated in India. Sandalwood is a sacred tree of India; its soft and aromatic wood is known for its soothing and purifying effects. It is ideal to meditate. Made in: Nepal Technical characteristics: 108 beads ± 7 mm

The strength of the Holy Mala necklace is the strength of simplicity. It is a bad idea to tell mantras during your meditation and to wear it daily. You can choose the color of the pompom according to your intention

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