Malaspirit Bliss

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The Bliss Mala necklace is a lovely evil made from Rudraksha seeds combined with Lavender Quartz. As a final touch, it ends with a larger Rudraksha on the violet pompom. It is a bad that helps you connect with the blessings in your life.


Each mala and bracelet is lovingly crafted with original Rudraksha seeds by Aum Rudraksha Designs in Bali.
The seeds of Rudraksha are authentic, harvested in a sustainable way, justly traded and ethically produced.
Because each necklace and bracelet is made by hand and with natural products, there are no two identical products. For example, the precious stones used can vary in color, pattern and inclusions.
Hindus discovered the power of the sacred seeds of Rudraksha thousands of years ago. The seeds of Rudraksha are considered sacred in many cultures. The seeds of Rudraksha give peace, clarity and direction to those who use them, and give space for energy and positive thinking. The smallest seeds of Rudraksha are the most exceptional and the strongest in energy.
Lavender Quartz restores the connection between your heart and your soul. The brightness it generates sharpens all your senses, and teaches you to see and experience your potential for universal well-being and peace.
Number of accounts: 108, knotted by hand
Length: 48 cm approx
Size of Rudraksha seeds: 7 mm

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Malaspirit Love Stone Mala Release mala Lucky Jasper Mala Clarity mala

The ‘Love Stone Mala necklace’ is made of Rudraksha mala beads combined with Rose Quartz. A large Rose Quartz gemstone is used as pendant above a red tassel.  A real (self) Love mala which belongs to the 4th and all other Chakras.

The Mala Release necklace is made of Rudraksha seeds combined with the Howlite mineral. As a final touch, a larger Howlite mineral ends the bad on a white pompom. A bad that helps you to liberation.

Lucky Jasper Bad

The Lucky Jasper Mala Necklace is made of original Rudraksha seeds combined with Green Jasper. As a final pendant, another larger Jasper Green stone on the pompom. A bad to attract the blessings of destiny and good fortune in your walk.

The Clarity Mala necklace is made of Rudraksha seed combined with Quartz Crystal stones. As a final touch, an oval-shaped Quartz Crystal finishes the bad on a red pompom. A bad that helps you bring clarity into your life.

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