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Jade Voyager Mat 1.6mm

Travel yoga mat made of super thin and very light natural rubber that folds to approximately the size of a yoga block and can be transported very easily.

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Ideal mat for travel and to enjoy a very close contact to the ground.

It is not a mat designed to offer cushioning but it can be used on top of another mat.

To avoid fold marks on the rubber when it is folded, it is advisable to only carry it folded when traveling and always keep it rolled up.

The reinforcing mesh that is hidden inside the other Jade mats is visible at the bottom.

Jade mats are manufactured in an environmentally sustainable way from the rubber of cultivated trees, a renewable resource.

They do not contain PVC, EVA or any other synthetic rubber.

They are manufactured in the United States in compliance with all the environmental, consumer protection and labor laws of this country.

Jade plants a tree for every mat sold - with almost 1 million trees planted so far.

For thorough cleaning, it is recommended to use a special Jade Plant-Based Mat Wash cleaner for rubber or a damp cloth with a few drops of vinegar. Do not use excess water or soap.

DO NOT use Jade mats outside or let them dry outside. Sunlight or UV can damage natural rubber.

NEVER use alcohol, essential oils or soap.

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61 cm
173 cm
680 gr
1.6 mm