Lota nasal

La Lota is a jar specially designed for nasal hygiene. Such hygiene comes to us from the hand of Ayurvedic medicine, the oldest known, emerged in India thousands of years ago.

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You need:

A nasal lot full of warm salt water, the ideal is at the temperature of your body so as not to harm you. Use a teaspoon of salt tea for every half liter of water.


- Remove dirt and mucus full of bacteria
- It relieves colds and sinusitis, and other disorders of the ears, eyes, and throat such as myopia, certain types of deafness, tonsillitis, inflammation of the adenoids and mucous membranes.
- It has a calming influence on the brain and is beneficial for epilepsy, migraine, and depression.
- It gives a general feeling of lightness and freshness in the head and eliminates drowsiness.

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