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Yoga Chair 1 bar, seat height 48cm

This yoga chair is a perfect tool for Iyengar yoga, chair yoga, and meditation. Stable and foldable for secure standing and space-saving storage.
The Yoga Chair is used for sitting and/or twisting postures, as a support for the bridge, Viparita Karani and others.

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With the chair of a bar you can perform, for example, Karnapidâsana and Supta Konâsana without being impeded by the front bar.

The two stepped crossbars on the back of the legs give the chair more stability and allow you to vary its height during practice.

Rubber feet are non-slip on the floor.

The yoga chair folds up and can be stored in a minimum space.

Weight: 5kg

Dimensions :
overall height 85cm
Seat height 48cm
Backrest width 46cm
Tray (seat depth) 40cm x 40cm

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81 cm
46 cm
5 kg


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