Bol tibetà Thado

It is handcrafted with an alloy of 7 metals, each symbolizing a planet: gold (Sun), silver (Moon), mercury (Mercury), iron (Mars), lead (Saturn), tin (Jupiter) and copper (Venus) . Its thick walls produce sounds of extraordinary duration. It also vibrates when the mallet slides around the upper outer edge by varying the pressure or speed.

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Tibetan bowls were already used 4000 years ago and had astrological, therapeutic and secret ritual uses. It is said that cutting them eliminates tensions in the body, cleanses the environment of negative energies and creates a moment of peace. Each bowl has a unique sound and each person a peculiar way of playing according to their character or mood. If several are played at once, the resulting vibration multiplies the effect of the sounds.

“Listening to the bell, I feel that my afflictions begin to dissolve, my mind calms down, my body relaxes. A smile is born on my lips. Following the sound of the bell, my breathing returns me to the safe island of full consciousness. ”
Thich Nhat Hanh

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