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Seigaiha miraguano round zafu

Seigaiha - Calm and serenity

This zafu is made with conscience in Spain. It is handcrafted with a cotton fabric imported from Japan, a triple seam and a white strip to put the name. Seigaiha is a traditional representation of the sea in Japan; its rhythm brings calm and serenity.

A good base represents a great investment to meditate in a more comfortable, relaxed and prolonged way. The zafu helps you take care of your posture, your body and your mind. Raise your hips, making your posture straighter and allowing you to have an upright spine, without tension. It may seem a little hard at first, but it will quickly take on the right firmness.

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Made 100% with natural materials
Kapok is the original filling for zafus in Japan; gives just the right firmness to meditate comfortably for a long time. The natural microfiber that makes it up is hollow like a reed and covered in fat; that makes it lighter than cotton and almost completely impervious to water and parasites.

In the case of caking over time, you can put the zafu in the sun to recover its shape. One of the folds is not closed in case one day you want to stuff it more. To clean it, brush the fabric or vacuum; stains can be removed by gently rubbing with a damp cloth.

Made in: Catalonia
Technical characteristics: Ø 33 cm, height 17 cm, Japanese 100% cotton fabric, stuffed with kapok.

Includes backpack bag to transport it.

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